Sustainable Brand Index™ is Europe’s largest independent brand study focused on sustainability. Sustainable Brand Index™ measures and analyses how sustainability affects branding, communication and business development. With the help of more than 60 000 consumers and 1 000 decision-makers across 8 countries, the study measures and analyses over 1 400 brands across 34 industries on sustainability. Next to a yearly ranking and official report, Sustainable Brand Index™ provides tailored reports with brand-specific sustainability insights and strategic recommendations.



Sustainable Brand Index™ yearly ranks brands on sustainability. The rankings show how brands are perceived on sustainability by their important stakeholders. Brands are selected independently based on market share, turnover and general brand awareness.



The official reports contain the complete ranking of each country over time, accompanied with key sustainability insights and stakeholder data. You can download the official reports for free.


tailored brand reportS

Brand-specific reports are available for all the brands that are ranked by Sustainable Brand Index™. Our reports are tailored for each brand, including consumer data, brand and competitors analysis, important trends and strategic recommendations on sustainability.


+1 400




+1 000 000

brand evaluations


60 000

stakeholders interviews




years of data


Do you want to know more about the facts and figures of Sustainable Brand Index™?


The purpose of Sustainable Brand Index™ is to visualise the value of sustainable branding and increase the knowledge on sustainability within branding and communication. In a data-driven way, Sustainable Brand Index™ is able to identify important gaps between how brands think they are perceived and the reality. By analysing important trends, mapping stakeholder’s attitudes and behaviours and evaluating brand drivers, the study provides brand-specific data and strategic tools. In doing so, Sustainable Brand Index™ encourages brands to improve their work and dares them to communicate about sustainability. The more brands talk about sustainability, the more consumer will know, care and demand. It creates a positive cycle for transparency and sustainability. Together we are on a mission to create sustainable brands.

Based on macro and micro trends, consumer behaviours and brand analysis, the study seeks answers to following questions:

  • How does sustainability affect your brand?

  • How is your brand perceived within the different areas of sustainability and why?

  • What can you do to change and improve this perception?

  • What are the consumers attitudes and behaviours regarding sustainability, how have they changed and how does it affect you?

  • What are the future trends and developments within sustainability that you need to be aware of and respond to?


Our Story

Sustainable Brand Index™ was founded by SB Insight AB in 2011 and has grown into Europe’s largest brand study on sustainability.
SB Insight is a Swedish insight agency on a mission to create sustainable brands. We provide knowledge and understanding of how sustainability affects branding, communications and business development. This is at the heart of Sustainable Brand Index™. It is important to emphasise however that Sustainable Brand Index™ is an independent research and separate unit from SB Insight’s other products and services.

As as young and growing company on a mission, we value enthusiasm and a go-getter attitude. We build, learn and grow as a team within a fast-moving and value-driven work environment. Our insights are always data-based and context-specific. We work across sectors and borders. Most of all, we are a positive bunch of people that want to create impact through sustainability.


Why sustainable branding matters.

  • Branding & communication strategies are key drivers for sustainability. They are often lacking, but create a positive cycle between a company’s performance and its internal and external expectations around sustainability.

  • It is about choosing a purpose, acting on values and delivering what you promise or sharing the reason why you couldn’t.

  • Sustainability is the only way forward and needs to be at the core of products, services and culture.

  • Consumers are hungry for honest and transparent brands that have a positive impact.


Erik Elvingsson Hedén

Founder & Country Manager Denmark, Finland

Maria Kausits

Founder & Insight Director

Eva Seignette

Marketing Manager & Sustainability Analyst

Johanna Ekman

Country Manager Sweden, Norway

Annemarije Tillema

Country Manager The Netherlands