Over the last 10 years we have gathered insights on how to build a sustainable brand and what drives consumer behaviour within sustainability. Yearly, we provide more than 100 brands internationally with tailored sustainability insights that help them in their goal setting and strategic work as well as external and internal communication, among other things.


Discover the insights we have for you.

Sustainability is complex. In order to understand and overcome our challenges, sustainability needs to be placed within several contexts and include all stakeholders. With the help of our data and analysis, we help you gain a comprehensive understanding of how sustainability affects your brand, as well as the market, industries, consumers and specific target groups. Our insights are always tailored to your needs and are used for strategic decision-making.

TAILORED Brand reports

Curious how sustainability affects your brand? The official ranking of Sustainable Brand Index™ is just the tip of the iceberg. With the help of a tailored brand report and analysis you will learn more about your current sustainability position and how to improve your work and communication. Gain increased market knowledge of competitors, stakeholders and trends in sustainability and learn more about how they affect your work and customer. 

industry & consumer insights

Do you want to learn more about how sustainability affects an industry or what drives (un)sustainable consumer behaviour? With the help of our data on 35+ industries and thousands of consumers, we are able to provide you with in-depth insights and expertise on sustainable branding, communication and business development. What do consumers demand and care about; and what can you learn from sustainability leaders?

lectures & EDUCATION

We offer tailored lectures, workshops and education solutions, on all different levels for all occasions. You choose the level, scope and area that fits your needs and future challenges. We work with real-life examples and cases in order to create understanding and spark creative thinking. Discover more about our lecturers and education solutions here.


Our brand reports provide you with a complete analysis from the sustainability perspective and can be used as a tool for deciding what needs to be done, as well as how it should be carried out.

this is how we help you

Understanding your sustainability position

We help you understand how your brand is perceived on sustainability and why? What are the drivers of this result and how do these compare to your competitors and the market overall? By measuring and analysing awareness, attitudes and attributes around your sustainability work, we help you understand your current sustainability position and how to improve it.

a complete picture of consumer attitudes & behaviours

Learn more about who the sustainable consumer is and how you reach and affect them. With help of our four behavioural groups, GAP-analysis and in-depth segmentation, you are able to learn more about what consumers demand and which materiality areas they prioritise with regard to sustainability.

trends & future outlook

We provide you with market intelligence through our extensive trends framework on what it means to build a sustainable brand. We cover both global and local trends and cases, that are relevant today and over the coming years.

Actionable Recommendations & strategic tools

We perform in-depth and tailored analyses on our data to provide you with clear models and actionable insights for the future. Discover the best strategy for your position on the market, in relation to sustainable branding, communication and business development.


Why brands work with us.

Our team specialises in sustainable brand building and can help you in your transition to becoming a more sustainable brand. With ten years of experience and data from different sectors and markets, we have broad and in-depth knowledge of different brands, industries, consumers and market developments. We help you by creating a holistic sustainability analysis that can be difficult to create on your own.

Sustainable Brand Index™ holds an expertise in sustainability and consumer research that we really value and they are the ones who can offer the in-depth insights we are looking for.
— Johanna Wånge, Customer Experience Manager, Telia Nordics
Our brand report from Sustainable Brand Index gives us great value at Arla. It is the only time in a research context that we have full focus on sustainability. In other brand studies the sustainability aspect does not have a differentiating significance when driving forces such as taste, price and availability are valued higher by the consumer.
— Ann Freudenthal, Responsible Arla Brand & Organic Range, Arla Foods
We have purchased this report for several years and find it very useful and interesting. Storebrand has long been renowned for their focus in sustainable investments within professional stakeholder groups, but we need to develop and strengthen our position within the population at large. The strategy report provides useful and operative insights, several years of historical data and what drives the market.
— Jens Ottar Stærkebye, Director of Insight, Storebrand